MITSUBISHI Q172LX Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Servo external signal interface module
Model: Q172LX
Input points: servo external signal 32 points, 8 axis.
Input mode: source / drain type.
Input and output points: 32 points.
Better user experience data recording function.
Easy to record, no need to program.
Simply through the special configuration tool wizard to easily complete the settings,
The collected data can be saved in CSV format to SD storage card.
Can be effectively used to save the CSV file to facilitate the creation of a variety of reference materials,
Including daily reports, generate reports, and general reports.
These data can be applied to the data analysis, tracing, etc..
To record the change of control data without missing.
Data can be collected in a time interval or in a millisecond time interval,
To record the change of the specified control data without any omission.
Therefore, in the event of failure, can quickly determine the cause, the precise action analysis.

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 9 cm


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