MITSUBISHI QJ71GP21S-SX Product information and technical parameters:
Name: IE CC-Link controller network module
Model: QJ71GP21S-SX
Multimode fiber optic cable.
Double circuit.
Controller network (control station / common station).
With external power supply function.
Decentralized control of large scale controller,
IE CC-Link controller network module connected with various field network.
Effectively using Ethernet cable and connector on the market, can reduce the cost.
The performance of the cycle data update is improved.
The transmission delay time is shortened, and the synchronous waiting time of the application can be shortened.
On the same network to achieve the 256KB network shared memory (cycle data).
No need to distinguish the network can handle large-capacity data.
QJ71GP21S-SX, CC-Link can be used as the control station of IE QJ71GP21-SX controller network, common station.

Weight 850 g
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 8 cm


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