Power Supply A1S61PN specification

Power Supply A1S61PN, A1S63P: Related pictures

Diagram of Power Supply A1S61PN.

Approved standards: UL / cUL, CE (EMC), CE (LVD), KC, LR, NK.

Base / plate installation position Mounting groove for Power supply
PLC base unit supports use A1S3 □ B, A1S6 □ B, A1S3 □ HB, A1S3 □ HBEU, QA1S3 □ B, QA1S6 □ B
Input power voltage 100 to 240 V AC (-15% to + 10%)
Input frequency meter 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Input pressure factor Within 5%
Feed the supply device Clear maximum 105 VA
Stream 20 A within 8 ms
Output power rating 5V DC 5 A
Overcurrent protection device 5V DC 5.5 A or more
Protection against excess voltage 5V DC 5.5 to 6.5 V
Efficiently 65% or more
Loss period Supply device Moment allowed Within 20 ms
Withstand voltage Between all inputs / LG simultaneously and all outputs / FG at once 2,300 V AC / 1 min (Altitude 0 to 2,000 m)
Electrical insulation resistance Between all input / LGs simultaneously and all outputs / FG at once: 10 MΩ or more at 500 V DC on the meter.
Power supply display Power supply LED indicator
How to connect wires to external wiring devices Screw terminal block (M3.5 screw)
External size Height (H) 130mm
Width (W) 55 mm
Depth (D) 93.6 mm
mass 0.60 kg
Weight 600 g
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 9 cm


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