MITSUBISHI A1SJ72QLP25 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Network module
Model: A1SJ72QLP25
SI/QSI/H-PCF/ wide H-PCF optical cable dual-layer remote I/O network (remote I/O station)
Switch volume control is designed to,
According to the current input combination of the switch quantity and the history of the input sequence,
So that PLC generates the corresponding switching output,
In order to make the system work in a certain order.
So, sometimes also known as the order control.
And sequential control is divided into manual, semi-automatic, or automatic.
And the control principle is decentralized, centralized, and hybrid control three.
The length of time required to execute the instruction, the length of the user’s program, the type of instruction, and the speed of the CPU execution are very significant,
Generally, a scanning process, the fault diagnosis time,
Communication time, input sampling and output refresh time is less,
The execution time is accounted for the vast majority of.
The response time of PLC is the interval between the time of the change of the external output signal of the PLC and the time of the change of the external output signal which is controlled by it,
Lag time, this is the time constant of the input circuit,
The time constant of the output circuit, the arrangement of the user statement and the use of the instruction,
The cycle scan mode of PLC and the way of PLC to refresh the I/O and so on.
This phenomenon is called the I/O delay time effect.

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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