MITSUBISHI A1SY60 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Transistor leakage type output module
Model: A1SY60
Output type: transistor drain.
Output points: 16 points.
Load voltage: DC24.
Load current: 2A.
Connection mode: terminal row.
Common public end points: 8.
Switching value, also known as logic, refers to only two values, 0 or 1, ON or OFF.
It is the most common control, it is the advantage of PLC control,
Is also the most basic application of PLC.
Switch volume control is designed to,
According to the current input combination of the switch quantity and the history of the input sequence,
So that PLC generates the corresponding switching output,
In order to make the system work in a certain order.
So, sometimes also known as the order control.
And sequential control is divided into manual, semi-automatic or automatic.
And the control principle is decentralized, centralized and hybrid control three.

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm


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