MITSUBISHI FX3U-4LC Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Input module for temperature sensor
Model: FX3U-4LC
Analog input points: 4 points (thermocouple, PT, constant voltage input).
Output points: transistor output 4 points, 4 point CT input.
Weight: 0.4KG.
Temperature sensor with 4CH input control output,
Double position control, standard PID control,
Heating and cooling PID control, cascade control.
By using the combination of the analog output module,
PID control of voltage or current can be realized.
New with cascade control. Through the master / slave station of the 2 controllers,
According to the temperature change caused by external disturbance, the temperature can be adjusted quickly.

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm


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