MITSUBISHI A1SJ71QBR11 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Network module
Model: A1SJ71QBR11
3C-2V/5C-2V coaxial cable between the single bus PC network (control station / common station) / remote I/O network (remote master).
Q mode.
When the programmer input program into the user program memory,
Then CPU according to the function of the system (the system program memory to explain the compiler),
Translate the user program into PLC internally recognized by the user to compile the program.
Input status and input information input from the input interface,
CPU will be stored in the working data memory or in the input image register.
And then combine the data and the program with CPU.
The result is stored in the output image register or the working data memory,
And then output to the output interface, control the external drive.
Semiconductor circuit with memory function.
System program memory and user memory.
System program memory for storing system program,
Including management procedures, monitoring procedures, as well as the user program to do the compiler to compile the process of interpretation.
Read-only memory. Manufacturers use, content can not be changed, power does not disappear.
User memory: user program storage area and work data storage area.
Composed of random access memory (RAM). User use.
Power cut off. Commonly used efficient lithium battery as a backup power supply, life is generally 3~5 years.

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 16 cm


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