MITSUBISHI Q35DB Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Main substrate for multi CPU high-speed communication
Model: Q35DB
5 slots.
The main substrate needs to be equipped with CPU and power supply.
Support for high-speed communication between multi CPU.
Requires 1 power module.
Used to install Q series modules.
A variety of modules with excellent performance,
Meet the needs of various control from analog to location.
Q series module products include a variety of types of I/O, analog, and positioning function module.
Can fully meet the switch, sensor, such as the input and output, temperature, weight, flow and motor, drive control,
As well as the requirements of high-precision control of the positioning of the industry, the control needs of various fields.
Can also be used in combination with the CPU module to achieve appropriate control.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 9 cm


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